Mirel Vratimov a.s. is a Czech manufacturing company with more than twenty years of activity on the European market…

The company specializes in the production of insulation materials, industrial packaging, sporting goods, polystyrene trays and boxes and PVC cling film. These products include several of our own brands such as MIRELON ® and STARLON ®. Our mission is not only to offer quality products, but also excellent and reliable services related to the distribution of these products to the customer. Our mission is our motto … "The difference is in quality…"

The Czech manufacturing company, Mirel Vratimov a.s., is a producer of thermal insulation made from polyethylene foam under its own brand, MIRELON®. In particular, thermal insulation tubes are offered in the product ranges named PRO, POLAR, PET, STABIL, and AKUSTIK. In addition to these products, there are thermal insulation strips and panels MIRELON® made in a thickness up to 8 cm and with the possibility of a wide range of possible laminations (AL, HDPE, LDPE, PET, adhesive layer, etc.). Mirel Vratimov a.s. also produces floor insulation under its own brands MIRELON® and STARLON® and expansion strips and sealing cord. A wide range of industrial packaging is also manufactured from polyethylene foam including; format cuts, protection profiles, bags, preformed fillers, and much more. Mirel Vratimov a.s. also produces food packaging PVC cling films and polystyrene trays and distributes wrapping and packaging machines. Finally, Mirel Vratimov a.s. produces sporting goods made from polyethylene foam including camping mats and swimming noodles.

Mirel Vratimov a.s. - Engineering and building insulation MIRELON® a STARLON®, industrial and food packaging