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Our history

Mirel Vratimov a.s. has more than twenty years of experience manufacturing in the Czech Republic and doing business on the European market…

  • In 1992, Mirel Vratimov a.s. began production of its polyethylene foam called MIRELON®. Thermal insulation tubes, strips and panels MIRELON® have become and still are one of the best known insulation materials on the Czech and Slovak market. The company also has started producing a wide range of industrial packaging products made from polyethylene foam. These products are common in the Czech and Slovak Republics as well as throughout all of Europe. Insulation materials and industrial packaging are offered with a wide range of possible laminations (AL, HDPE, LDPE, PET, adhesive layer, etc.) which enhance their functionality. An integral part of the polyethylene production program are also traditional camping mats and swimming noodles.
  • The production of the company later expanded into the processing of extruded polystyrene in 2007. Polystyrene mats designed as under flooring were then introduced under its own brand, STARLON®.
  • The logical next step was to expand production to include polystyrene food trays, meal boxes and lunchboxes. The latest enlargement of the company's portfolio involved commencing production of PVC cling film for food wraps, in which Mirel Vratimov a.s. is the only manufacturer in the Czech Republic. PVC cling film for food, polystyrene trays, and packaging machines form the comprehensive range of food packaging available from Mirel Vratimov a.s. PVC cling films are also produced under our own brand Fresh'n'Roll designed for household use.
  • Today, our company is a leading European manufacturer of thermal insulation, building insulation, industrial packaging, packaging for food wraps and sports accessories. Our manufacturing facility covers more than 57 000 m2 staffed by approximately 100 employees.

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Mirel Vratimov a.s.
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Czech Republic

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