PVC film for food - Basic type

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PVC film for food - Basic type

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Protects packaged goods, preserves aroma, taste and fresh food

For wrapping food in manual and automatic packing machines

Basic stretch film for food


  • in food processing plants, supermarkets, factories
  • for small, medium and large plants
  • for wrapping on automatic and semi-automatic machines
  • for wrapping on hand-packing machines
Ukázky balení - polévková směs


  • protects packaged goods
  • retains the flavor and freshness of food
  • characterized by a high gloss and transparency, improves the appearance of products
  • has excellent mechanical properties and adhesion
  • does not contain phthalates, additives are natural-based
  • thermal resistance in the range of -40°C to 100°C
  • easily adapts to the packaged product
  • antifog – removes initial film fogging
  • prevents the transmission of odors
  • food packaging in conformity with Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011


  • manufactured thickness: 8 – 30 μm
  • width: 250 – 500 mm
  • roll: 20 – 2500 m
  • packing in the carton
  • core diameter: 38 mm, 76 mm, 112 mm

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