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Mirel Vratimov a.s. is a leading European manufacturer of thermal insulation, floor insulation, industrial packaging, food packaging, mats and swimming noodles.

The company specializes in the production of insulation materials, industrial packaging, sporting goods, polystyrene trays and boxes and PVC cling film. These products include several of our own brands such as MIRELON® and STARLON® and Fresh'n'Roll. Our mission is not only to offer quality products, but also excellent and reliable services related to the distribution of these products to the customer.

Our mission is our motto … The difference is in quality…

About us:


Mirel Vratimov a.s.
Mourová 114/7, 739 32 Vratimov
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 – 59 673 26 73
Fax: +420 – 59 673 26 93
Email: mirel@mirelon.com

Mirel Vratimov a.s. - Engineering and building insulation MIRELON® a STARLON®, industrial and food packaging