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Alufoil Fresh'n'Roll

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Extra strong Alufoil. Perfect for barbecue, baking.

Alufoil Fresh'n'Roll has the best qualities for barbecue, baking, suitable for keeping things warm and cold. Thanks to its thickness the foil will not tear up so easily like a normal alufoil. The alufoil roll is placed in nice design cartoon box.

Alufoil Fresh'n'Roll is better than normal alufoils, because it has:

1. Thickness 16 micrometers

  • It is durable
  • Doesn't tear as much as thinner alufoil

2. Has functional packaging

  • The box construcktion maximizes easy work with alufoil
  • Attachable saw blade provides precise and straight cut. You will not need to use knife or scissors again.

3. Design

  • The box design will be perfect complement for every kitchen or barbecue party.
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