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PVC Stretch Foil for Laundry

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  • The stretch PVC film does not contain phthalates, the additives are exclusively natural based.
  • It has excellent mechanical properties, is flexible, adhesive and tear resistant.
  • Designed for wrapping and fixing clean clothing and fabrics.
  • It features high gloss and transparency, which increase the attractiveness of packaged textiles.
  • Keeps fabrics clean and fresh. Protects clothes and fabrics from moisture and dust.
  • Ideal for hospitals, laundries, hotels etc.
  • The packaging complies with Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011.

Technical specifications:

  • length: 1 500 m
  • thickness: 10 μm
  • width: 900 mm
  • core dieameter: 76 mm

Packaging: in MIRELON sheet.

Storage: Store upright. Recommended to store in dry and covered areas.

Do not expose to direct sunlight or radiant heat. As an accessory to stretchable PVC films, stainless steel cutters can be purchased, which are specially designed for packaging.

Accessories Other types of PVC films according to customer requirements.



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