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MIRELON sheets and panels made of polyethylene foam with a closed cell structure

Basic thermal and acoustic insulation of storage tanks and large-diameter pipes


  • insulating tanks for water, food, chemicals…
  • insulating large-diameter pipes for water and central heating distribution
  • thermal and acoustic insulation of air conditioning systems


  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • excellent flexibility
  • easy workability and divisibility
  • non-absorbency and chemical resistance
  • easy and quick installation
  • physically and environmentally safe material
  • recyclable, environmentally friendly material


  • thickness from 0.8 mm to 80 mm
  • color: white, gray-black
  • color variations by agreement
  • coating (lamination)
  • HDPE film
  • LDPE film
  • reinforced with PET film
  • AL foil
  • reinforced with AL foil
  • bubble wrap
  • surface adhesive layer


  • thickness of 0.8 – 2 mm in a width up to 200 cm
  • thickness of 3 – 5 mm in a width up to 160 cm
  • thickness of 6 – 13 mm in a width up to 130 cm


  • thickness of 15 – 80 mm in a width up to 120 cm


1) Are MIRELON sheets and panels good for outdoor use?

  • Yes, they can be used outdoors, but they must be protected from UV rays

2) What temperature range is MIRELON good for?

  • For insulation with a medium temperature of -65°C to 90°C.
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