Mounting studs

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Mounting studs

Metal stud for mechanical fastening or adhesive mounting

For attaching insulation panels to ceilings and vertical walls


  • mounting panels with a thickness of 25 mm and more
  • to ceilings and vertical walls
  • metal stud with adhesive grip – for hard and smooth surfaces
  • metal stud with mechanical grip – other surfaces


  • height × diameter of the tip: 63x2.7 mm
  • surface for mounting the stud to the base: 50x50 mm
  • accessories: metal self-locking pressure cap
  • diameter: 30 mm
  • standard package: 1 pc (including cap)
  • consumption 5 pcs per m2

After installing the insulating material on the mounting studs, the panels are secured with a self-locking pressure cap and any protruding tips are sheared off.

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