STARLON basic models

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Extruded polystyrene mat for under laminated, wood and other floor coverings. Distinguished for heat and sound insulation, absorbing minor surface irregularities, high resistance to loads and high value impact noise reduction. STARLON® mats improve user comfort and extend the life of the floor itself.

Perfectly dampens noise generated in the room


  • good for standard duty floors
  • ideal anywhere excellent sound insulation is required
  • effectively dampens noise in the space where it's generated


  • excellent sound insulation in the space where it's generated
  • superbly dampens footfall noise
  • evens out sharp unevenness
  • high load resistance
  • nonabsorbent
  • hygienic and environmentally friendly
  • odorless


  • Thickness: 2 mm (strip), 3 mm (strip or sheet) 5 mm (sheet), 6 mm (sheet)
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